Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Matching Paces

I used to think that the perfect girl was somewhere out there in the world waiting for me. She would have amazing characteristics in every aspect of her life and embody excellence in all she did. Every dimension of her wellness would be at its peak potential. But I also knew that if I were to have any chance of attracting this perfect girl to me, I would have to be at a similar state of excellence in my own life. I too would have to reach this heightened stage of brilliance and I had a firm image of the person that I would have to become in order to be at that same level.

So I spent some time attempting to get there. I thought that there was a finite point that I could eventually reach where I would be at my absolute best in all areas of my life. And then, only then, would I be able to attract this perfect girl.

It took me some years to realize that I had it all wrong though. There is no finite point that you can reach. We as humans are constantly evolving each and every day, whether consciously or unconsciously, and we will continue to until that day that we die. Being aware of this evolution and putting our time and energy into the process will allow us to grow at a faster pace and to greater heights. So what is ultimately important is not that we reach a certain point of growth and find someone that is at an equal level with us. Instead, we need to find someone that is growing at the same rate as us so that you can continue your evolution together!

That perfect girl was out there waiting for me, but I did not have to become the perfect guy I had created in my head in order to attract her. I just had to cross paths with someone that was moving at the same pace as me and extend an invitation to team up for the journey. So keep your eyes open! That perfect person you’ve be been waiting for might not be way up ahead, waiting for you to catch up. They’re probably right next to you, cruising through life at the same speed as you are just a few roads down.

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