Monday, March 12, 2012

Finding Yourself

We always hear stories about people trying to “find themselves”. And it seems like the most common path chosen during this journey is to uproot and leave home. It’s like their true self is out there in the world somewhere and they have to travel every corner of it in search of this lost treasure.

Believe me, I’ve been trying to find myself for quite awhile too. And I definitely plan on picking up and traveling the world at some point as well. But I’ve begun to realize more and more everyday that I don’t need to “find” myself, because my true self has never been lost. It has always been right there, inside of me at the core of who I am every single day.

We come into this world as our true selves, pure and untainted in any way. As we grow older we develop habits and learn customs from our parents, schools and cultures that begin to mold us and ultimately we claim an identity that says “this is who I am”. We become a product of our environment, for better or worse. But many people eventually realize that they’ve been heavily influenced by their environment and seek out new ones, hoping to expand their perspective on life and learn more about themselves in the process.

Fortunately for those of us who are still trying to find ourselves but do not have the resources to hop on the first flight to Tibet there’s good news. Your true self is right where it has always been, inside of you and waiting to be explored. That little voice of intuition that’s been speaking to you throughout your whole life is who you really are. We just get so caught up in our day-to-day matters of survival that most people don’t take the time to listen to it, and that’s when you start to feel lost.

So go ahead and book that Eurotrip (and take me with you), but in the meantime start the inward journey that’s going to show you what you’re really looking for. You've been there all along.


  1. so true. Sometimes the greatest journeys in life are those where you're not actually traveling. They can happen from within.

  2. Well said, as usual, Nik. We never stop changing and, if we are positive, smart about it, and ensure we follow the right path for us, we never stop growing. We are unfolded, not just found, it is a process. I love being a part of your process, and definitely appreciate you being a part of mine. Cheers...